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Night Fever

Disco was a subculture that emerged from the 1970’s urban nightlife scene. Discotheques created an atmosphere of acceptance, celebrated all identities, and became a safe space for people of color & the LGBTQ+ community.

Initially inspired by Cher's 70's costumes designed by Bob Mackie,

I fell in love with the decade as a whole after learning more about icons Donna Summer and Diana Ross, watching the Studio 54 Documentary, and watching films from the era such as Saturday Night Fever and Foxy Brown.


Night Fever


Inspired by the inclusive, creative, and eclectic scene that disco was for so many.

FPA Mood Board

Fashion Production Association

The Fashion Production Association is a student organization at The Ohio State University with the mission to provide students with the opportunity to publicly display their abilities in garment design and construction, as well as advertising, fundraising, and special event production, culminating in a fashion design show at the end of each academic year. 

I began working with my design group in fall 2019 to create the Night Fever collection, though we 

ultimately had to complete our designs separately due to COVID-19 in March 2020. Although I am disappointed my designs were unable to walk the runway in a live show, I am extremely proud of our organization for transitioning to a virtual show amidst the pandemic to showcase completed student designs.

Night Fever was my first time designing and constructing a garment, and I am extremely grateful to my group members, advisors, and peers of the Fashion Production Association for their support and for giving me the tools I needed to help my vision come to life.

Watch the 2020 virtual show below!

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