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The Maybelline House NYFW 2019

Maybelline College Ambassador

In spring 2019, I was hired to represent Maybelline New York Cosmetics by Youth Marketing Connection as a College Brand Ambassador.


Through this role, I was able to

  • Create exciting beauty content for social media

  • Plan events with my program partner Erin

  • Represent Maybelline at New York Fashion Week 

  • Network with some of Maybelline's top employees

  • Connect with other Maybelline College Ambassadors at universities around the country

Working for Maybelline was an amazing experience. I was able to grow my social media following by creating content I love, meet and work with incredible and inspiring women, attend New York Fashion Week, and connect with other beauty-loving students on campus. Even though the official program ended in December 2019, Maybelline continues to send monthly product for me to promote on social media as one of their Babelline micro-influencers!


Read on to learn more about my role and experience as a Maybelline College Ambassador.  

On Campus Events -Each semester, Erin and I devised a marketing strategy to plan the dates, times, and locations of our marketing events. We reached out to student organizations to collaborate with and brainstormed new ways to create engaging social media content such as YouTube tutorials and "Get Ready With Me" Instagram stories. Erin and I hosted monthly tabling events on campus where we would pass out product and sign students up for the Maybelline mailing list in order to create genuine connections and establish a strong community of brand advocates on campus. In-between these main events we executed marketing micro-tactics, such as passing out setting spray on game-day, coordinating events with student fashion organizations, and even surprising a sorority house with free Maybelline goodie bags.

Social Media Content

Maybelline On-The-Way Tour was a two-day pop-up event held at select universities across the country that sought to drive brand awareness and connect with the college consumer.

As the brand ambassadors for Ohio State, Erin and I spearheaded this event by overseeing general operations, completing shade matches, capturing consumer data, and answering general questions about Maybelline products and the overall brand.

Read more about the pop-up here!

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