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Fashion Production Association

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The Fashion Production Association is a student organization at The Ohio State University with the mission to provide students with the opportunity to publicly display their creative abilities in a fashion design show at the end of each academic year. Members of FPA learn essential fashion industry skills through hands on experience in garment design and construction, advertising, fundraising, event production and more.


Along with designing Bloody Valentine, I also served on the FPA Executive Board as Co-Director of Visuals for the 2020-2021 academic year. Through this role, I oversaw FPA's social media accounts to create engaging content, enforce our brand image, and connect with our audience. I also collaborated with advisors and co-chairs to create the visuals, branding, logo, and overall aesthetic to be used across merchandise, social media, and general programming.

Click here to check out FPA on Instagram!

Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine is a collection created with design partner Manureet Mangat for The Fashion Production Association at The Ohio State University.

The Fashion Production Association theme for 2021 was "Performance". We took inspiration from horror films and chick flicks such as Scream Queens, Jennifer's Body, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charlie's Angels, Jawbreaker, and Carrie.


Femininity is too often seen as weak and naive. Our designs show women as multifaceted beings that can be sweet and sexy but also smart, cunning, and dangerous at the same time.


The women in Bloody Valentine are not damsels in distress- they cause the distress.

Check out FPA's site here to see more from the collection.

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